DeBot, short for Decentralized Bot, is a special chatbot that helps you interact with the blockchain and implements various useful functions, such as staking. DeBots are currently only available in English.

DeBots in the Everscale (formerly Free TON) blockchain serve as decentralized applications (dApps) of other blockchains, but, unlike the latter, they are smart contracts and are stored on the blockchain. Unlike regular smart contracts, DeBots are executed not on the blockchain but on your device, so you need a special application to run them — the DeBot browser.

Surf has an integrated DeBot browser, so you can run any DeBot in it and interact with the blockchain directly, which is much safer.

The Surf team is actively developing new DeBots so that you can safely and easily interact with the blockchain. The following DeBots, developed by the Surf team, are available to you:

  • ß-staking 

Staking DeBot helps you to stake. DeBot address: 0:66cb703cd63dd0b9eafbce702a9f838211ba1ea5ccce101dc81b98114d824b8a 

  • Multisig 

Multisig DeBot helps you to use multisignatures. DeBot address: 0:09403116d2d04f3d86ab2de138b390f6ec1b0bc02363dbf006953946e807051e 

  • Surf Activation

Activation DeBot helps you activate the profile created in Surf for free. DeBot address: 0:533c5450e11ed2aad36cce68f3326692bdb32141a01fe53e17effc2e91daa4a8