DePool, short for Decentralized Pool, is a specialized Everscale blockchain smart contract that makes it possible for average users to take part in staking.

DePool accepts Evers from users and adds them to a certain validator's stake. Every 18 hours, blockchain validators are selected among the owners of the biggest stakes. The validator receives a reward for its work during the next cycle, part of which DePool transfers to its depositors in proportion to the size of the deposits to the total stake of the validator.

Thus, you do not need to install validator software and have several hundred thousand Evers stake to take part in staking. Thanks to DePool, you get staking income with almost any amount of Evers. The validator benefits from attracting depositor tokens to DePool, as a larger stake guarantees more favourable terms in the validator election.

DePool has been formally verified, so its safety and reliability have been verified and proven by mathematical methods. If for any reason, DePool stops working, then all the invested funds and received rewards are automatically returned to your profile.

There are over 400 DePools in the Everscale blockchain. For a list of DePools, visit Each DePool has its address, which can be received by copying it or scanning the QR code on the DePool page.

To find out the characteristics of a particular Surf DePool, tap on the Earn staking rewards card on the home screen of the app.

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