After you activate the Security card, you can use it to deploy a Multisig profile.

For example, let’s deploy a Multisig profile 2/3: add three custodians (Surf and two Security Cards) but only two signatures out of three will be enough to confirm the transaction. All transactions will be signed by the Surf and the main card. If the main card is lost, you can use the second card to sign transactions.

Creating such a profile will cost about 5 Evers.

To deploy a Multisig profile, you’ll also need the help of Security Card Manager Debot. During the deployment, Debot will ask you for the public keys of the Security Cards

To deploy a Multisig profile:

1. Launch the Security Card Manager Debot.  

2. Select Deploy wallet.

3. Select Sign with Surf. Thus, you choose the profile to pay for the deployment transaction.

4. Specify that 3 custodians can use the Multisig profile.

5. Specify that 2 signatures are enough to confirm transactions.

6. Specify the public keys of your two Security Cards.

7. Sign and confirm the transaction.

8. Wait for the Debot to add custodians to the profile.

9. Confirm and sign the transaction.

Congrats! Your Multisig profile  deployed. Now you can use your Cards as custodians: sign transactions of this profile with them.


To manage a Multisig profile, you need to specify its address in the Multisig Debot. You can copy the profile address by tapping the message.