$SURF is a utility token of the Ever Surf ecosystem created for the purpose of giving users an option to participate in development of Surf, while developers of services can access their audience with the token. $SURF will allow tokenizing products and services offered at Surf through gamification, cashbacks, lowered commission fees, etc., so the scope of application of $SURF will widen. In essence, $SURF will be a bridge between service providers and users.

Every $SURF holder will automatically take part in the loyalty program. That means users will have more benefits when completing operations on the blockchain: a higher percentage for staking, lowered commission fees, etc.

As for service providers, tokens $SURF give them access to the Surf’s interface and an opportunity to broaden their audience and to use the platform for running partner programs. To access the Everscale audience, service providers have to lock their $SURF tokens. The locked tokens guarantee honesty of service providers and will be used for cashback payments as part of the loyalty programs.


Characteristics of $SURF token:


* Total supply
100 million;
* Ticker  
* Standard 
TIP-3 initially, then DFT;
* Contract address


You can find detailed information about the $SURF token at ever.surf/token. There, you will find numbers on stages of tokensale, total supply, etc.

How to buy $SURF in the Ever Surf app

$SURF tokens are purchased in the app with EVER. To do so, you can choose one of the below options:

  1. Follow the link https://uri.ever.surf/debot/0:be358a444895ed16532a3ec901ea25d6f1f766bf5921833e4cec87f8b8dd7aba. It will lead to the Debot Ever Surf Token. A chat bot will open by means of which you can buy $SURF.

  2. In the app, go to the Debot section and type in the Ever Surf Token’s Debot address: 0:be358a444895ed16532a3ec901ea25d6f1f766bf5921833e4cec87f8b8dd7aba. The same chat bot will open.

In fact, the above two methods are identical.

In the chat, you need to choose the amount of $SURF you want to buy and make the payment. You need to have a sufficient amount of EVER tokens on your balance.