You can purchase EVER tokens right from within Surf with your bank card. There are two ways to do so: by means of the Surf Pay payment system and using the Itez service.

In case you wish to purchase tokens for the amount less than 300 EUR via the Itez service, you don’t need to go through the KYC procedure; however, if you purchase for an amount bigger than 300 EUR, KYC is obligatory. Speaking about Surf Pay, when you purchase EVER via this service, you need to undergo the procedure in any case. KYC is the procedure of uploading your personal documents to confirm you are a law obedient person. It is needed due to requirements set by financial authorities.

Important note: when you go through the KYC procedure for the Surf Pay service, you need to accept the Terms of Use, enter your email address and then enter a 4-digit code sent to your email address.

  1. On the amount selection screen, enter the needed amount - for instance, 450 EUR and tap Continue. 
  2. Choose your country of residence and the document type and tap Next 
  3. Tap Upload Document.
  4. Take a photo of your ID document and select it in the app. Tap Next. 
  5. Then upload your proof of residence document. Among such documents can be the following:
    • Bank statement;
    • Receipts for payments of utilities not older than 3 months;
    • Bank statement confirming tax returns;
    • Receipts for payments of council taxes;
    • Certifications issued by authorities confirming your residential address.

      Important! At this stage, it is your proof or residence that you need to upload, not your identification document. In other words, it is the document confirming your actual place of residence. 
      Apart from your full name, this document must include your address.
  6. Select a picture of this document on your device and tap Next.
  7. Take a selfie with your device.  Then the app will show you a screen confirming that the system is processing your documents.After a while the system will have checked your documents and send a message confirming successful KYC.
  8. Then you will need to enter your bank card details and tap Buy.

If you are having troubles with anything, drop a message to the Assistant in Surf.