If you need to save the seed phrase to store it safely, you can view it in Surf if you have not logged out of your profile.

Never store your seed phrase on any application or device: neither as a screenshot nor in a simple text file. It's very risky because the device may be hacked and your seed phrase leaked.

Storing your seed phrase offline is the safest option. Write it down on paper, and keep with other significant notes or memorize it.

If you notice your seed phrase is leaked or lost, the most important thing to do is to create a new empty profile and move your assets.

To get your seed phrase:

  1. At the top of the home screen, tap the nut icon.

  1. Tap Safety protection.

  1. Tap Seed phrase.

  1. Confirm the action with a PIN code, by scanning your fingerprint or using facial recognition.

  2. Read and agree with the safety rules, rewrite the seed phrase and tap Saved. Double-check.

  3. Enter the seed phrase to check that it is saved and tap Alright, we are good to go!