True NFT is a special type of NFT on the Everscale blockchain created by the Surf and RSquad teams. It differs from traditional NFTs in that the former only represent data on token ownership in the blockchain, while the media data itself is stored elsewhere. In contrast, True NFT is stored directly in the Everscale chain.

The main advantages of the True NFT technology:


  • All the information is stored in the blockchain;

  • Plain and standardized requests for searching for NFT collections and user tokens;

  • Users can interact with their tokens in decentralized browsers and applications, knowing only their own address, and transfer them, with only the address of the recipient needed.


The main goal of True NFT is to make NFT easy to handle and to have a minimum of tools to perform operations with them. The developers reviewed all current solutions and created their own solution that would meet the following requirements:


  • Providing users with the whole toolkit for a comfortable work with NFT;

  • Sending tokens to any user based on the recipient address only;

  • Showing token balances in the wallet without any additional addresses needed;

  • Storing data in the blockchain only.

Below you can find additional information on the True NFT technology: