Everscale is a high-speed technological blockchain that focuses on the multithreaded execution of smart contracts. Its name translates to infinitely scalable.

Initially, the blockchain was called Free TON, as it was based on the open-source TON blockchain developed by the Telegram team and additions to it created by EverX (formerly TON Labs).

Free TON was launched by a community of developers, validators, and crypto enthusiasts on May 7, 2020. In total, 23 companies participated in the launch, including EverX, the main developer of the ecosystem.

Over time, the Free TON core has been significantly modified and improved. A new program document (Whitepaper) of the project was written, which defined its ideology and directions of further development. 

In November 2021, the project was renamed Everscale to avoid confusion with other TON-based projects.

The Everscale blockchain development concept is based on the following principles:

  • Meritocratic token distribution. Tokens can be obtained by participating and winning contests, contributing to the ecosystem development, and through partnerships with the Everscale community. 

  • Decentralized community governance using the BFTG (Byzantine Fault Tolerant Governance) smart contract system.

  • Blockchain operation is maintained by validators, the consensus is based on Proof of Stake, BFT (Byzantine Fault Tolerant) algorithm is used. Subsequently, the consensus will be changed to the original Soft Majority Voting (SMV).

  • The existence of different blockchains or workchains, which have their properties and native tokens. Separate workchains are designed for decentralized data storage (Drivechain) and archive (Icechain).

  • Multithreaded execution of smart contracts. The workchain is split into threads in which calculations are performed. Depending on the load, the number of threads is dynamically increased or decreased. All threads are controlled through the main blockchain chain, the masterchain.

  • The Web Free concept implies direct interaction between users and the blockchain, bypassing intermediaries like websites, thanks to DeBots technology.

For detailed information on Everscale, please read its whitepaper.

Everscale is the blockchain with the highest throughput to date: 63,000 TPS on the public network. The blockchain architecture allows computing to scale to a load of over a million transactions per second.

By creating a Surf profile, you become a member of the Everscale network.