EverX (formerly TON Labs) is a company with a distributed team of over 60 highly skilled developers, engineers, and other professionals from all over the world. The company works on the development of the core infrastructure and ecosystem of the open source Everscale blockchain.

EverX was one of the core ecosystem developers in the Telegram TON project. After the project closed, EverX, along with 22 other developers, validators, and crypto enthusiasts, launched Free TON on May 7, 2020, an innovative blockchain based on TON developments. In late 2021, Free TON was renamed Everscale.

EverX is currently one of the core developers of the Everscale blockchain and its infrastructure. 

The company has developed products such as:

  • Everscale Rust Node.

  • Ever Surf — a universal application for asset management on the Everscale blockchain.

  • Ever.live — Everscale blockchain explorer.

  • FLEX — a decentralized exchange on the Everscale blockchain.

  • Compilers and debugging systems for creating Everscale smart contracts.

  • A set of client tools for interacting with the Everscale blockchain.