Debot (decentralized bot) is a special chat bot which helps users communicate with the blockchain and features some useful functions such as staking.


Debots in the Everscale network play the role of decentralized apps of other blockchains; however, unlike the latter, they are deployed right within the blockchain. In fact, these are smart contracts in the Everscale blockchain, though they are executed on the user’s device, not in the blockchain itself. As such, launching them requires a special application, a Debot browser.


There is such a browser in the Everscale network, and its name is Surf, a built-in Debot browser. In it, you can launch any Debots and communicate with the blockchain directly, with no external applications involved. This makes communication between the user and the network safer.


At the moment, there are some Debots you can make use of for basic purposes.


The most interesting Debots for the moment are the following:


Multisig – Debot for the creation of multisignature wallets. Multisigs are Surf wallets which require multiple signatures to complete operations on them. This kind of wallet is safer compared to single-signature wallets. 

Address: 0:5e95f47df691d83b66a813998215da612741e3632909a2ca410ab1f96ad858e7;

Everstaking – Debot for staking Evers. 

Address: 0:66cb703cd63dd0b9eafbce702a9f838211ba1ea5ccce101dc81b98114d824b8a;

Boosted Staking – Debot for higher yield staking (check this one please as there should be only one kind of staking in the blockchain, AFAIK). 

Address: 0:e07fc1a5bed9a9c4ab4dd4c75b323c8e7cda28e571258cf4208f1a0dad818112;

KWPC – Debot for storing and managing KWTs – tokens of the Killer Whales program. 

Address: 0:f969a838a0b1ed9482d2424926db9a1e696c309dd0cd76bbf13728b84e20cb03;

Crystal Fever Lottery – lottery Debot in which you can win Evers. 

Address: 0:a7115bb9984210697943d409c7bbc77e1db6e2021bb38cb2ebc88d7fdfdf528c;

Swapper - Debot for swapping tokens in the Everscale network. 

Address: 0:fb69ca9f22e9ce54d926176ca68614644521050c77dc53d644081c51ef3a892c;

PaPay - Debot for creating short URI-links which are used for quick payments for goods and services, as well as for token transfer. 

Address: 0:4a4a2b20002bd599821d2b32a27d8bb4a0273247086e12c9f485376589d34ee5;

DeStore - Debot showing a list of all Debots available in Surf. 

Address: 0:c6ddda3413ae9738f54582062c479aad64890be7d0795379443bbcaac67102c7;

Surf Activation – a Debot for activation of profiles in the Everscale network. 

Address: 0:533c5450e11ed2aad36cce68f3326692bdb32141a01fe53e17effc2e91daa4a8;

Ever Surf Token – Debot for purchasing $SURF. 

Address: 0:be358a444895ed16532a3ec901ea25d6f1f766bf5921833e4cec87f8b8dd7aba;

TonLoot Gotchi – a Tamagotchi-styled game. In it, you will nurture a little virtual creator; 

Address: 0:bdffe39de57411a050c8168cd126d2ac8a145eed96fae574884936b2e1d007a2.

Fidosafe – Debot for creation of web wallets with multiple signatures and confirmations from Surf profiles. Fidosafe is suitable for business profiles as well. 

Address: 0:b91a8e5c2593261229dabfb912b9f8d176eac9903f051b966229d2949ef0eb75.

Rust Cap Game – Debot for an NFT game, car racing. To take part in the game, you need to buy NFT cars at 

Address: 0:645ce51da11cb1cddbb0c0de848c4dbda46f75470602bb3e2b6ce9fd28727e8e.


How to use Debots in Surf?

In the Surf app, go to the Debot section; for this, tap the four-circle icon. In the Find Debot field, enter the needed DeBot's address and press Enter.