When you run a Debot, it is loaded from the blockchain to your device unchanged. You can be sure that the Debot works as intended by its author.

When you use a Debot you interact with the blockchain, bypassing external intermediaries such as websites or special applications. This significantly increases security and keeps you safe from the following threats:

  • Your data will not fall into the other hands and will not be used without your knowledge, for example, for unsolicited advertising.

  • Data cannot be changed while interacting with the blockchain. Accordingly, an attacker cannot steal your funds, for example, by changing the recipient when transferring Evers.

  • Your interaction with the blockchain cannot be blocked, as it can happen with websites or centralized applications.

The Debots developed by the EverX team have passed internal code verification and are as reliable as Surf itself, so we recommend using them. After all, because of errors in a poorly debugged Debot, you risk losing your funds.  

Debots, created by third-party developers, have their own set of features and security standards. Since you can run any Debot in Surf, check who developed it and for what purpose, so as not to fall victim to scammers.