Multisignature wallet allows you to confirm profile transactions with different keys, which do not necessarily belong to the wallet owner.

In total, there can be up to 32 people in a multi-signature wallet, each with their own signature. You can create such a profile with friends, colleagues or partners and manage assets together. The cost of creating such a profile depends on the number of members in it.

You can add additional sets of keys to the profile and define the signing policy for outgoing transactions. For example, you can choose the option to require multiple signatures for a transaction, or you can sign it using any set of keys.

In Surf, you can create 3 additional sets of keys and give them to other profiles for multisignature.

Surf uses a hierarchically deterministic key generation system. Each pair of keys is created from the previous one, so the keys are organized in a tree structure. The initial pair of keys is generated from the seed phrase. You don't need to create different seed phrases for different sets of keys. When you restore a profile using your seed phrase, all generated pairs of keys are also restored.

You can use additional sets of keys created in Surf:

  • In another multisig wallet, keeping your main signature secret, which is safer;
  • When you vote as a jury without using the public key of the main signature and keeping your identity a secret;
  • In the Surf Security Card, when signing outgoing transactions with keys written on the card's chip.