In Surf, you can subscribe to the profile of a person, a fund or even a DeBot. At any time you'll know their current balance and see all incoming and outgoing transactions.

To subscribe to a specific profile:

  • Enter the asset screen in your app. This can be done in three ways:

    •    On the main screen, tap your balance (the number of Evers in your profile);

    •    Tap the two circles icon at the bottom of the main screen;

    •    Tap the wallet icon at the top of the main screen.

  • In the upper right corner, tap +. Then, tap Subscription.

  • Fill in the following details:

  • Account address. Enter the previously copied profile address or click the QR code scanner icon and scan the profile QR code.

  • Account name. Give a name to the profile you are subscribing to.

  1. Click Subscribe.

  2. Make sure your subscription appears at the bottom of the the assets page.