You can send Evers to any address, even a non-existent one. You cannot cancel a sent transfer. Be careful when transferring your funds and check the recipient's address.

To send your Evers via Surf:

  1. On the main screen, tap Send. 
  2. On the Send screen, specify the recipient's address by one of the following ways:
    • Paste the previously copied address into the To field.

    • Click the contact icon and select a recipient from your contact list.

    • Click the QR code scanner icon and scan the QR code of the address.

  3. In the Amount field, specify how much Evers you want to transfer. You current profile balance is displayed next to your profile name. After you specify the amount, Surf automatically calculates the transfer fee and adds it to the transfer amount.
  4. If needed, fill the Comment or Memo field.
  5. Click Confirm and Send. After sending, your account balance must exceed 0.5 Ever.
  6. Confirm the action with a PIN code, by scanning your fingerprint or using facial recognition.

You can view information about your transactions on the transfer screen.