When you send tokens, you can add a comment to your transfer. This message is recorded in the Everscale blockchain along with the transaction info. You can see the comment when checking the transaction details.

There are two types of comments: encrypted and unencrypted. If the comment is encrypted, only you and the recipient of the token can read it. For everyone else, the message looks like an encrypted string. Unencrypted comments are visible to everyone.

You can encrypt your comment only if both you and the recipient have Surf profiles. If you send tokens to any other wallet address, the comment cannot be encrypted.

Also, comments lead to increased transaction fees as they make the size of the transaction itself bigger.

To add a comment to the transfer:

  1. On the main screen, tap Send.

  2. Fill in the Comment or Memo field on the Send screen.

  3. Check the box next to the Encrypt note to encrypt the comment and make it unavailable to third parties.

  4. Review the fee amount and tap Confirm and Send.

  5. Confirm sending the message with a PIN, fingerprint or face recognition.