What is TIP3?

TIP3 is the standard of smart contracts in Everscale. It works similarly to the ERC20 standard in Ethereum network and defines the methods of creation and deployment of tokens in Everscale. Everbody can issue tokens and deploy them in the network; for this, you just need to write your contract according to the standard specifications.

The Surf browser supports about 10 TIP3 tokens, the list of which can be seen at https://payments.surf/swap, in the drop-down list when you swap tokens.

TIP3 Tokens Swap

Token swap can be done either via the Surf interface, via the Swapper Debot, or the page above. After you exchange tokens, those are displayed in your Surf profile.

How to Transfer TIP3 to Other Surf Profiles

An important note on sending TIP3 tokens: you can transfer TIP3 from your Surf profile to any wallet in the network by entering the recipient address. Before doing so, you need to be sure that the recipient supports TIP3. You can also send your TIP3 from any other wallet to a Surf profile. When sending TIP3 to Surf, please enter the Surf profile address.

Please note that EVER is not a TIP3 token, nor is it a smart-contract. It is the native token and inner currency of the Everscale network which is used to pay gas fees and assign rewards to validators.

Are TIP3 Tokens Tradeable on Exchanges?

At the moment, TIP3 tokens are not listed at exchanges. That means you can not transfer your TIP3 to your account on an exchange.