The simplest way to choose your Depool is the Everstaking Debot and website With this Debot, you can choose a Depool from a list of most popular ones and put your tokens for work right from within the app. As for the website, you can choose any Depool from a large list which represents Depools along with key parameters on them. There are some nuances when you choose a Depool, so we’ll cover them in this article.


Before stake tokens into a pool, please take into account the following:

  • Depools have different commission rates, that is, the percentage of your reward they charge for managing the Depool;

  • Validator elections are held every 18 hours on the Everscale network. To take part in the elections, validators need to have some amount of Evers in their Depool which is dynamically calculated each round;

  • To allow a validator to participate, the elector freezes the amount of Evers sent by the validator for two nearest rounds. Being frozen, these Evers are used for validation during this round; however, they are not accessible for the next one. It means that in order to participate in each and every round, validators need to have not less than the double amount of the minimum sum on their balance;

  • A part of Evers in the validator’s Depool can not participate in staking. It is the amount that exceeds N = X x 3, where X is the minimum stake of validators from the Depools which have been chosen for participation in this round;

  • The elector smart contract defines these values in such a way that the total stake of all validators for the next round is the maximum;

  • In case the validator doesn’t maintain its Depool, it can also miss out rounds.


Among other things, it is for this reason that Depools can miss rounds. Some percentage of rounds can be missed out by validators, meaning they (and all the users who have staked their Evers in it) will not get rewarded for that round. That essentially means that the users’ funds won’t bring income during some periods of time. It is an important aspect you should take into account when staking. Choose Depools with a high participation rate at

It makes sense to choose Depools by commission rate as well – the rate that the Depool owner charges its users. This figure can be seen on page on each Depool (this value has a name Depool Fee).


Recommendations for users having large amounts to stake


When depositing your funds to Depools please take into consideration how your stake will impact the Depool’s balance. In case your stake will lead to the rise of the balance to an amount higher than 3X, a portion of the balance exceeding 3X will not participate in this round’s validation. That means that all the funds of the Depool’s users (including yours) will get rewarded at a lesser rate than they could. To filter out the filled Depools, visit where you will find a list of our Depools. At the bottom of the page, there is a button called Hide Filled. Tap it, and the filled Depools will be excluded from the list.


Also, a good practice here is dividing a high stake by rounds: you can make a stake today and another one – on the next day. You can also put your stake into two Depools: one of them will take part in even rounds (even rounds by convention) while the other will be used in uneven ones. In this case, your funds will get used as effectively as possible.

In case you wish to put a large amount into a Depool (more than 250 thousand USD), drop us a message to The Surf team will be happy to offer special conditions on staking to you and recommend the best solution for allocation of your funds.