In the Surf app, you can easily and directly exchange one token for another using the Swap tokens feature. It allows you, for example, to divide your assets into parts and build a crypto portfolio on your own. Currently, there are the following TIP3 tokens supported by Surf:













Let’s assume you hold a certain amount of EVER tokens and they bring you a stable passive income. You can swap a half of these tokens, for example, to utility SURF tokens and enjoy special offers and benefits they give in Surf.

Or, if you decide to take part in the sub-governance of a cryptocurrency project or want to own a share of the company, you can exchange another part of your EVERS for governance or security tokens.

When you swap tokens, you pay a 0.1% of the exchange amount as a service fee.

  1. On the main screen click the three-dot icon and select Swap. 

  2. Specify the exchanging amount and select currency of exchange. The app will show the exchange rate, calculate the number of tokens to receive and show the commission fee for making the transaction (gas fee). This one differs depending on the transferred token and fall into the range of 1 to 5 Evers. Before making a transaction, always check this amount. 

  3. If the exchange rate suites you fine, click Continue.

  4. Confirm the transaction by entering your PIN code.

The exchange amount will be credited to your account in a few minutes.

You can also use the web version of Surf Swapper or swap tokens using the Swapper Debot.