In this short article, we collected the best practices on how to stake to Depools wisely. Follow them to get more benefits from staking.

  • When you deposit your tokens to Depools, consider how your stake will impact the Depool balance. Before making a stake to the Depool you like, check its capacity. Don’t stake the amount that exceeds the recommended one. Otherwise, the Depool balance will be upset and the Depool will miss the next validation round. If this happens, both yours and other participants’ stakes will be idle and won’t bring income. So, everyone will get less reward than they could.
  • Divide your stake amount into several parts and delegate them in different rounds. For example, you can make one stake today and another one - tomorrow, for the next validation round.
  • If you wish to delegate to a Depool for more than $250 thousand dollars, send us an email to We will be happy to offer special staking conditions to you and help you to delegate your assets to a Depool in the most profitable way.