If you want to get the maximum income from your stakes, it’s essential to understand how validation works.

In the Everscale network, validator elections take place every 18 hours. If the validator wants to participate in them, his Depool must have the minimum amount for participation. This amount is calculated dynamically every round.

With the start of a round, this amount is frozen and can no longer be used for participation in the next two rounds. Therefore, if a Depool has only one minimum participation amount, it skips the next round of validation and participates only when the amount is unlocked.

In order for a Depool to participate in all rounds without missing them out, it must have at least two minimum participation amounts. While one of them is frozen, the other allows you to participate in elections for the next round — thus, the Depool brings income smoothly.

It is also possible that a portion of Evers in a Depool does not participate in staking. If the Depool has an amount that exceeds the limit of the round, only the amount allowed by the limit participates. This can also affect income.

The limit is three minimum participation amounts of all Depools that are selected to participate in the round. The smart contract of the elector defines these values so that the total stake of all validators of the next round is the maximum.

When you look for a Depool for staking, choose from Depools whose owners monitor the balance and do not allow for skipping rounds. This is evidenced by the high percentage of participation.