Everscale has launched its boosted staking programs which allows for a higher percentage yield of up to 26% annually. You can put your Evers into the boosted staking program via the Boosted Stake debot in your Surf profile or through the page https://staking.surf/pool/boosted.

To stake via the debot:

  1. In the Surf app, tap the four-circle button. 

  2. Tap the Boosted Stake icon in Popular section or paste the address 0:e07fc1a5bed9a9c4ab4dd4c75b323c8e7cda28e571258cf4208f1a0dad818112 in the field Search or simply tap this link to launch the debot.

  3. Tap Deposit. 

  4. Enter the amount of Evers you would like to stake. The minimum amount is 100 Evers. After you specify the amount, Surf automatically calculates the transaction fee and adds it to the transaction amount. The size of the commission can reach 7.51 Evers depending on the stake amount. 

  5. Choose your lock period for which you will stake your tokens. This parameter will define your additional reward yield on your investments. 

  6. Check the summary on staking and tap Yes, of course. In case you wish to cancel staking or change the amount of Evers to put in the pool, tap No, changed my mind. 

  7. To confirm the operation, enter the PIN code for your Surf profile (alternatively, scan your fingerprint or go through the Face ID recognition).

  8. Tap Confirm in the chat.

Congratulations! You have put your funds into the Boosted Staking program.

Important note: in case the validator stops validating for whatever reason, you can still withdraw your Evers from the pool along with the reward you have obtained to date.