Everscale has launched its boosted staking programs which allow for a higher percentage yield of up to 26% annually. You can put your Evers into the boosted staking program via the Boosted Stake debot in your Surf profile or through the page https://staking.surf/pool/boosted.

To stake Evers complete the following steps:

  1. Open page https://staking.surf/pool/boosted or tap Earn up to 26% APR on the main screen of your Surf account. 
  2. In the middle of the screen, tap Stake EVER. 
  3. Choose your lock period and the annual yield, enter the amount of Evers you would like to stake, and tap Confirm. A transaction fee is automatically calculated and is added to the transaction amount. The size of the commission can reach 7.51 Evers depending on the stake amount. 
  4. Check the staking info and tap Proceed to deposit. 
  5. Then you need to confirm the action: scan the QR code or follow the link Confirm with Everlink. Both options will guide you to the Surf app, where you need to enter your PIN code and open the Pooler debot. 
  6. The debot will show you the summary on staking. To continue with the operation, tap Yes, of course. If you wish to cancel it, tap No, changed my mind. 
  7. To confirm the operation, enter the PIN code for your Surf profile (alternatively, scan your fingerprint or go through the Face ID recognition).
  8. Tap Confirm. 

Please note that if you have the Surf Keeper extension installed, you can check your token balance and staked amount right on the site. 

To connect your wallet to the extension, tap Connect in the upper right corner of the page https://staking.surf/pool/boosted.

In case you don’t have the extension yet, here you can read about how to download and install it.