To view information about a Debot in Surf:

  1. Run the Debot you need in Surf.

  2. On the Debot chat screen, tap the icon in the upper right corner. 

  3. You can view the following information about the Debot: 

On the Debot page, you can see the info on it, namely, who created it and who developed it. Apart from that info, there are some actions on the page that you can do with the Debot:

  • Launch the Debot;

  • Add it to your favourites;

  • Show the Debot’s address to send it to your friend, for example;

  • Check the info on that Debot in the explorer;

  • Talk to the developer;

  • Support the developer with a donate;

  • Create a quick URI-link to share it with someone else;

  • Relaunch the Debot.